Monday, 9 February 2009

Adding Extra Storage to the Panasonic CF-F8

Some of you have notice that in this post it mentions how much storage space my F8 has.

It lists a D: partition that has 466 GB available, this is actually an External USB Maxtor Hard drive.

I've previously had problems where a laptop has failed and I've been left struggling the data on it's Hard Drive, so to try and avoid the problem in the future, I'm using an external drive to hold all my music, photos, films and home movies, that way should my Panasonic ever fail then my important data is safe.

The drive is actually becoming the centre of my media centre facilitated by the Panasonic F8, and 2 work very well together.


  1. I hope it's safe unless that medium fails.

    I make backups of backups, because I've lost the backup!!

    I like your blog by the way. It's been a good read. I'm interested in the model you have. I have a 29 series and love it, but would also like something more suited for business.

  2. Hi Rob.

    Could point about the medium failing but if it's on a portable device I can take it around with me and back it up where ever I like.

    And backing up Back ups is a good idea, I might copy my drive to an old harddrive - just to be sure.

    I really like the F8 - good for both business needs and home media.