Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Problem with opening the lid of the Panasonic F8

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  1. It ain't a design flaw.

    Depends on how you view it.


    1) You are carrying your CF-F8 around.
    2) When you reach, your handle is still open.
    3) Reaching out to button to open the case lid.
    4) You push in the handle for easy working.

    When you are done with work,

    5) You close the case lid.
    6) Pull out the handle...
    7) And move to the next location.......

    I tried using the CF-F8 for awhile, seems ok to me.


    Toughbook Asia Group

  2. thanks Linus

    i take your comments on board.

    This is only a very small issue for me but one that I feel could have been avoided.

    At the moment if the f8 is closed on my desk I have to open the handle before I can use it.

    Its not a biggy though ;-)